Tree Trimming & Pruning for the Common Homeowner – Tips to Improve Property Aesthetics

Posted by on Aug 24, 2018 in Landscaping Outdoor Decorating |

One of the major reasons for trimming and pruning trees is to improve property aesthetics. Trimming and pruning entails removing unhealthy, broken and dead limbs from trees with an aim of preserving their overall well-being and beauty. The practice should be done routinely and by experienced specialists. That’s because as a homeowner without skills, experience and proper gear, you can fall or break tree branches when pruning and end up with serious injuries.

Nevertheless, tree trimming and pruning makes a yard more pleasing aesthetically. It also increases production of flowers while improving the health of plants. But, incorrect trimming and pruning can damage trees permanently. That’s why you need tips to improve the beauty of your property with tree trimming.

Plan in Advance

Start by identifying trees that need trimming in advance. Also locate the position of broken, dead, and problem limbs. This will make it easier for the experts that you hire to trim or prune your trees because you will just tell them what you want them to do.

If you opt to trim and prune the trees yourself, the task will also be easier when you know what you want to remove. You can even make small wedges on the branches that need removal.

Get the Right Tools

Once you have decided on the trees to trim or prune and the branches to remove, get the right tools for the job. Hand pruners or hand shears are ideal for removing broken and dead limbs. You can use an anvil hand shear or bypass. Though they all cut wood with a ½ to ¾ inches diameter, bypass pruners leave a cleaner, smoother cut.

Put Your Safety First

Maybe you have never trimmed or pruned trees in the past. That means you might not have the necessary experience for this job. But, regardless of your experience level, familiarize with safety precautions.

To be safe when trimming and pruning trees:

  • Mind the location of electrical lines
  • Use properly maintained tools
  • Wear safety goggles, gloves, and ear protectors
  • Avoid cutting above your head

It’s also important that you know your limits. Understand what you can do and what you can’t and don’t fear seeking assistance.

Let Experts Help You

One of the best ways to improve property aesthetics with tree trimming and pruning is by letting specialists do the job for you. You will achieve better results when you let somebody that specializes in pruning and trimming trees do the job for you. Consider the Arborists at Tree Service Regina, visit their well known services by clicking here. That’s because they have the necessary skills, experience and tools to do this job. Nevertheless, you should do your due diligence to ensure that the individuals that you hire are professionally trained and experienced.