4 Most Affordable Ways to Re-Invent Your Patio

Posted by on Aug 20, 2017 in Landscaping Outdoor Decorating |

A patio is a great place to invite your friends for a barbecue or to simply relax with a good book. But is your patio good enough to call your friends or does it look cramped, dull, and in need of a makeover? Whether you have neglected your patio clean up for days or have just moved into a new home; transforming your patio area from drab to fab doesn’t have to cost a fortune. From simple cleanups to DIY decorations, here are the four affordable ways that will help you a revamp a plain concrete pad to an inviting and comfortable outdoor living space. Sounds intriguing? Read on to see how easy it can be.

  1. Perk up the patio with pavers –  To upgrade a typical concrete patio, pavers are a great option! If you want to create a laid back and a minimalist patio, go for the natural stone pavers or pebbled paths and if you want to make a major impact, go for the concrete pavers. The pavers are easy to install, are low maintenance, and will also keep the grass in shape. If the paver is cracked or stained, you can simply turn it over or just replace it!
  1. Give a quick facelift to the furniture – Furniture plays an important role in the overlook feel and appeal of your patio. And, minor changes in their appearance or placement can do wonders for your space. Refurbishing your furniture can be a great idea to give a completely new look to your old furniture especially when you’re on a tight budget.
  1. Say yes to some accessorizing-Lights, maybe – Dazzle up your surroundings by accessorizing a little! Transform your patio into a festive retreat a string of globe lights, by using solar poles or installing pendant lighting fixtures. You can also get little creative with a fairy lights DIY project to enhance the appeal of your space.
  1. Go green with patio plants – Small things make a big difference! Spruce up your patio by adding some hanging plants or container plants. You can also add a loose arrangement of formal hedges that will add greenery to your space along with providing you some privacy. Give a thought to foliages as they will give your patio a natural appeal without cluttering the space. Apart from these hacks and tips, you can also add some rustic accessories, fire pit or a stone fireplace to boost up the aesthetics.